Turn Your Photos into Wall Art: A Guide to Your Own Custom Framed Photo Gallery!

Ever snapped a picture so unforgettable you wished it could jump straight out of your phone and onto your wall?

In the age of digital everything, capturing precious moments is easier than ever, but these moments often find themselves confined to the screens of our devices.

But what if there was a way to transform your favorite photos into stunning, custom framed works of art that could adorn your walls for years to come?

Enter Rendition Gallery – your go-to destination for turning your photos into personalized masterpieces that'll make your walls pop!

This step-by-step guide will dive into our easy-peasy online custom framing process so you can feel confident and excited to build your dream gallery wall.

Step 1: Choose Your Frame Size and Quantity.

Once you've navigated to our user-friendly website, it all starts with finding the right frame and set sizes!

Rendition Gallery offers a diverse range of frame sizes, from the classic square to portrait and landscape dimensions.

Whether you're envisioning a solo standout piece or a gallery wall that tells your unique story, there's a set size to match your vision. Explore set sizes with up to 16 pieces!

Or, you can opt for one of our themed photo art sets for a cohesive and curated look.

But it's not just about variety; it's about quality. Rendition Gallery's frames are crafted from 100% real wood, ensuring not only a touch of nature but also durability that stands the test of time.

Plus, every piece of photo art is proudly assembled in the USA, giving you the assurance of a homegrown touch.

Step 2: Upload Your Favorite Pictures.

Once you've chosen your frame size and the number of pieces you're looking for, it's time to personalize them with your memories!

With just a click of a button, you can effortlessly select and upload your favorite pictures from your device's gallery.

Whether it's a snapshot from a family vacation, a candid moment with friends, or a breathtaking landscape you captured, your memories are about to take center stage.

Step 3: Customize Away!

Here's where the magic happens!

Rendition Gallery empowers you to become the curator of your own art collection. Crop, replace, and swap your photos by simply clicking on them.


Want to highlight a specific detail? Zoom in. Prefer a different shot? Swap it out with a different photo. The customization possibilities are as boundless as your imagination!

But it doesn't stop there – your creative control extends to the frame itself.

Choose from a palette of eight elegant frame colors to complement your style. Whether you prefer a classic black photo frame for a timeless look or a vibrant red frame to add a touch of sophistication, we have options to suit every style!

Next, add a personal touch with various border styles that suit your aesthetic.

The result? A truly unique piece of art that mirrors your personality.

Step 4: Confirm and Seal the Deal.

Once you've perfected your creation, take a moment to ensure everything looks just right. If everything looks just right, you can place your order by clicking "Checkout"!

Then, sit back and relax as you receive shipping updates, ensuring you're in the loop every step of the way.

Step 5: Unbox, Stick, and Re-stick to Create Amazing Decor!

Now that your package has arrived, unbox the magic and get ready to spice up your space with ease!

Thanks to our innovative re-stickable mounting tape, you're free to experiment with different arrangements until you find the perfect spot for each piece.


Just peel off the tape's protective layer, stick, and re-stick without damaging your walls. No nails, no fuss – just effortless decorating!

Step 6: Review and Share the Love.

Before you start showing off your snazzy decor, please take a moment to review your order. You'll receive an email about two weeks after placing your order inviting you to share your thoughts and valuable feedback.

Happy with your new frames? Fantastic! Now, let the world know about your Rendition Gallery experience.

Share the love on social media, tell your friends, and let your personalized gallery inspire others to turn their photos into art!

In a nutshell, Rendition Gallery isn't just about custom framed photo art; it's about curating your memories into stunning pieces that reflect your unique style.

So, gear up for a frame-tastic adventure, create personalized decor that wows, and don't forget to spread the joy of Rendition Gallery – where we personalize your photos your way!

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